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Learning Coach Support

How to set up the Power school app on your phone or device.
This app provides students and parents with access to grades from the previous day.  Connexus and Power School connect overnight to provide you a quick easy way to check our your student is progressing with their class work.
School Code needed is:  BZSR

Checking Grades and Activity:

Learning Coaches should be checking their students grades and activity daily.  We ask that you personally go in and check instead of taking the students word for it.  This allows us to have multiple resources to hold students accountable.  The video below shows how to check on your student, click the link.  You should have received an email with your username and password.  If you can't remember that information, please email one of the teachers.



Email Forwarding:

This is a great tool for Learning Coaches.  By signing up for the email forwarding, it allows you to receive any email that your student receives to their school gmail account.  Not only does this allow you to stay connected with your student, it is a great way to receive information about upcoming events and how they are doing in their classes.

State Funding and Reporting

The State of Kansas requires every student to complete one, six-hour days.  The six hours is to be obtained by working throughout the day from 12:00AM to 11:59PM.  The work does not have to be continuous but totaled throughout the day.

How to video: Parent Observer account in BUZZ


Di dyou know that eCademy has a Learning Coach Lounge for K-5?